About Us

Real Estate Solutions in Today's Technology World 

Hagen Realty & Auction Group realizes that every client is different.  We focus on clients who are looking for a relationship with a professional who listens to their needs and goals. Today's real estate transaction is quite different than the way your grandparents bought and sold real estate. Today's buyers expect 24/7 access to information and the sellers expect communication. Hagen Realty Group has been bringing buyers and sellers together for over 27 years and understands "Selling with Innovative Technology and Communication" to meet today’s needs of both buyers and sellers.

We are not your traditional listing real estate company that puts a sign up, lists your property on the local MLS and waits. We offer two listing options, an “Aggressive Listing Plan” or an “Online Bidding Format.” By working with our clients in pricing their property, asking the right questions and addressing any concerns involved with the sale upfront, such as working with you and your trusted advisers to address any foreseen issues like taxes, future investment opportunities or estate planning. We are creating Happy Buyers and Sellers!

Headquartered in Metropolitan Atlanta, Hagen Realty & Auction Group has sold tens of thousands of properties throughout the United States and has a team of professional advisors who understand that each client's needs are different.  Our job is to maximize value through creating competition for your property using the most up to date marketing and technology tools.  

Our 27 years of experience has shown us the three factors that a seller must take into consideration when selling their property; Pricing, Time & Contingencies.

Pricing Your Property

Threre once was a saying, something like; "no showings for 10 days your property is way overpriced, 3 showings but no offers you’re at least 15% overpriced."

The Dangers of Overpricing a Property:

Overpricing a Property Creates Damaging Effects. The reason why you should not overprice a property is simple. It won’t sell! Buyers get a perception you’re an unrealistic seller, they move on to another property and never step on your property. Use the example of buying a vehicle. There’s a used vehicle you really like, you call about it and it’s overpriced in your opinion. How do you know it’s overpriced?  First, you google asking prices of other vehicles like the one you’re looking at. Second you check prices of what other vehicles sold for. You check engine size, options and conditions to make sure the vehicles are similar.

Buyers do the same thing with real estate.  It does not matter whether you are selling a house, farm, land or business, buyers do their research.  What do we at Hagen Realty & Auction Group take into consideration when pricing a property? Comparable Listings, Verify Recently Sold Comps, Withdrawn & Expired Listings, Active Listings, Income Approach, Upgrades & Repairs Needed and Square Foot Cost Comparisons.

Comparable Listings

We look at every similar property that's been listed in the same neighborhood as your property over the last six months to a year (most appraisers don't use comps older than a year).

The list should be limited to properties within a quarter mile to half mile radius of a house, within a 10 mile radius of a farm or land or if selling a special property such as a poultry farm or operating business, the radius may be as large as a 100 miles.

We pay attention to neighborhood dividing lines and physical barriers such as major streets, freeways, or railroads.  We don't compare inventory from the "other side of the tracks." Identical properties directly across the street from each other can vary in some neighborhoods. Perceptions and desirability have value.

We compare similar square footage within a ten percent variance up or down if possible.

We compare similar ages. One neighborhood might consist of properties built in the 1950s right next to another ring of construction from the 1980s. Values between the two will differ. We make sure you're comparing apples to apples.

Verify Recently Sold Comps

We compare original list prices to final sales prices to determine price reductions.  We compare the final list prices to actual sold prices to determine sale price ratios to listing price. We look at how long that property was on the market, any price reductions, and any seller concessions given at closing, such as paying closing cost, money given back for repairs, or just given to cover any cost requested by the buyer.

We adjust pricing for lot size variances, configuration, and amenities or upgrades.

Withdrawn & Expired Listings

We pull the history for any expired and withdrawn listings comparable to the property to determine whether any of them were taken off the market and relisted. If so, add those days on market back to these listing time periods to arrive at an actual number of days on market.

We look for patterns as to why these properties didn't sell and note any common factors they might share. Which brokerage had the listing? Was it a company that ordinarily sells everything it lists or was it a discount brokerage that might not have spent sufficient money on marketing the property?

The ultimate sales prices of these properties are unknown until they actually sale and the transactions close (if they are listed again), but that doesn't stop us from calling the listing agents and asking them to tell you how much the property is selling for and any concessions will be given at closing. Some agents will. Some won't.

Again, we note of the days on market. This can have a direct bearing on how long it will take before you see an offer. Examine the history of these listings to determine price reductions.

Active Listings

Bear in mind that sellers can ask whatever they want. That doesn't mean they'll get it.

We research these properties online so you can see what buyers will see when they visit. We make notes of what potential buyers might like and dislike and the general feeling a person will get upon entering the property.

We take into consideration the options of properties a potential buyer has available in the market. These properties are your competition. Ask yourself why a buyer would prefer your property over any of these others and adjust your price accordingly.

Income Approach

When selling a business we take into consideration the Income Approach. By reviewing the last three years Profit & Loss Statements, 1099’s, Tax Returns, and any long term contracts we are able to arrive at a value based on the business income using Capitalization Rates and the Gross Income Multiplier Factor for the business type.

Upgrades & Repairs Needed

We will review your property and make suggestions based on our review as to your potential for a property inspection by a third party to address any Upgrades & Repairs that might be needed to sale your property for top dollar. We will review this information and address it in our pricing.

Square Foot Cost Comparisons

We will determine an average square foot cost comparison based on sold properties, seller concessions, as well as take into consideration Comparable Listings, Sold Comps, Withdrawn and Expired Listings, Active Listings, Income Approach and Upgrades & Repairs needed, to assist you in pricing your property.


Many Sellers are motivated to sell their property in the quickest time frame possible for the most money possible. This is where our online bidding platform is a great fit. By utilizing the auction method of selling the seller knows the day of the sale, aggressive targeted marketing specific to highlight their property, the terms of the sale with an offer not full of contingencies, and, in most cases, from start to closing is in less than 90 days. Check out When Selling Real Estate, What's Right for You?


Unfortunately today’s buyer will prepare an Offer to Purchase with contingencies. Many sellers are motivated to sale and do not want to deal with 10, 20, 30 days due diligence periods, financing contingency, unknown requests, seller concessions, repair requests and prolonged negotiations. All sellers know contingencies cost money while netting them less money. We offer our online bidding format for these clients who are motivated and want to sell the property “As Is” for top dollar.  Check out When Selling Real Estate, What's Right for You?

Why HIRE Hagen Realty & Auction Group to sale your property?

1.       We Understand Value base on all contributing factors that affect value for your property.

2.       We work with you and your trusted advisers to address any foreseen issues such as taxes, future investment opportunities or estate planning.

3.       We have experience working with lenders and understand what documents and information is needed to provide aggressive financing for the buyer.

4.       We invest in marketing your property by determining what advertising campaign is needed locally, regionally or nationwide and qualify the buyer before they ever step on your property.

5.       We have a closing coordinator on staff to insure commitment to a timely and successful closing of your property.

Be Careful.......Don’t fall for any of the Five Decisions that Cost Sellers Millions Nationwide Every Year.

1.       Hiring the realtor who tells you the highest listing price and what you want to hear.

2.       Hiring the cheapest Realtor.

3.       Selling it yourself to save the commission.

4.       Pricing your property based on your needs, not market value.

5.       Not taking into consideration depreciation when pricing a property.