Our Scope of Business

A Sample of Our Previous Engagements

Convenience/Gas Stores

  • 2 Closed C-Store Locations, Monticello & Wilmar, AR (Client: National Lender)
  • 12 Closed C-Store Locations, Minneapolis, MN Area (Client: U.S. Bankruptcy Court)
  • 4 Closed C-Store Locations, Orlando & Ormond Beach, FL (Client: National Servicer)
  • 9 Closed C-Store Locations, Dallas & Longview, TX (Client: National Servicer)
  • Closed C-Store with Retail Space, Hampton, GA (Client: Community Bank) 
  • Closed C-Store, Jasper, AL (Client: Regional Bank)
  • 39 C-Store Locations, Detroit Area, MI (Client: Court-Appointed Receiver)
  • 5 C-Store Locations, Various OH Locations (Client: Court-Appointed Receiver)
  • Closed C-Store with Retail Space, Barnesville, GA (Client: Regional Bank)
  • Operating C-Store with Retail Space, Atlanta, GA (Client: Private Seller)
  • 4 Closed C-Stores, Various PA Locations (Client: National Servicer)
  • 4 Closed C-Stores, Various MS Locations (Client: U.S. Bankrtupcy Court)
  • 23 Closed C-Stores, Various IA Locations (Client: National Servicer)
  • 5 Operating & 2 Closed C-Stores, Various SC Locations (Client: National Servicer)


  • Former Golden Corral Restuarant, Martinsville, IN (Client: National Servicer)
  • Former Italian Restaurant, Corpus Christi, TX (Client: U.S. Small Business Administration)
  • 12 Former Bennigan's/Steak & Ale Locations in NM, TX, IN, IL, NJ, PA, GA (Client: Court-Appointed Receiver)
  • 3 Former KFC/Taco Bell Locations, Dadeville, Tallassee & Montgomery, AL (Client: Franchisee)
  • 12 Former Hardee's Locations in AL, FL, SC, GA (Client: Court-Appointed Receiver)
  • 6 Former Arby's Locations in MI & IN (Client: Court-Appointed Receiver)
  • 7 Former Arby's Locations in CO (Client: National Servicer)
  • 2 Former Sonic Locations in GA (Client: Franchisee)
  • Former Perkins Location, Meza, AZ (Client: National Servicer)
  • Former KFC Location, Guymon, OK (Client: National Servicer)

Commercial Property

  • Former Daycare Facility, Vicksburg, MS (Client: U.S. Small Business Administration)
  • Former Automobile Dealership on 16.33+/- Acres, Belleville, IL (Client: Regional Bank)
  • Commercial Building on 9.02+/- Acres, Tallulah, LA (Client: Regional Bank)
  • Commercial Free-Standing Building, Columbiana, AL (Client: U.S. Small Business Administration)
  • Commercial Building, Oakland Park, FL (Client: National Lender)
  • Free-Standing Building, Warsaw, MO (Client: National Lender)
  • Commercial Building, Orlando, FL (Client: National Lender)
  • Free-Standing Building, Milton, GA (Client: U.S. Small Business Administration)
  • Former Taylor-Telfair Regional Hospital, McRae, GA (Client: U.S. Bankruptcy Court)
  • Cattle Auction Facility, Jefferson, TX (Client: Regional Bank)
  • Multiple Mini-Storage Facilities, Brownsboro, AL (Client: Regional Bank)
  • 141-Unit Mini-Storage Facility, Arab, AL (Client: Private Seller)
  • Former Automobile Dealership, Eufaula, AL (Client: U.S. Small Business Administration)
  • Former Quick-Lube Facility, Lincoln, AL (Client: Regional Bank)
  • 5 Former Car-Wash Properties, Dallas Area, TX (Client: National Servicer)


  • 143-Room Closed Hotel in Pensacola, FL (Client: Court Appointed Receiver)
  • 121-Room Operating Hotel in Williamson, NC (Client: Co-op with a national auction company)
  • 170-Room Operating Hotel in Montgomery, AL (Client: Private Seller)
  • 80 -Room Motel in Decatur, GA (Client: Private Seller)
  • 44-Room Operating Hotel in McAlister, OK (Client:  Small Business Administration)
  • 70-Room Operating Motel in Unadilla, GA (Client:  Private Seller)

Apartments & Multi-Family

  • 150-Unit Mobile Home Park, Palmetto, GA (Client: Private Seller)
  • 48-Unit Apartment Complex, Cartersville, GA (Client: National Lender)
  • Two Small Apartment Complexes, Carbondale, IL (Client: Private Seller)
  • Manufactured Home Community, Carrollton, GA (Client: Private Seller)
  • Four Duplexes, Carbondale, IL (Client: Private Seller)
  • 70-Unit Apartment Complex, Florence, SC (Client: Private Seller)
  • 36-Unit Apartment Building, Spartanburg, SC (Client: Private Seller)

Condos & Townhomes

  • Two Lakefront Condos on Lake Martin, Talladega, AL (Client: Private Seller)
  • Multiple Condos, Myrtle Beach, SC (Client: Developer)
  • Beachfront Condo, Orange Beach, AL (Client: Private Seller)
  • Beachfront Condo, Gulf Shores, AL (Client: Private Seller)
  • 3BR/2.5BA Townhome, Roswell, GA (Client: U.S. Bankruptcy Court)

Shopping Centers

  • Multi-Tenant Retail Building, Huntsville, AL (Client: Regional Bank)
  • Multi-Tenant Retails Buildings, Laurens, SC (Client: Private Seller)
  • Former K-Mart Building, Atmore, AL (Client: National Servicer)
  • Major Brand Factory Outlet Center, Boaz, AL (Client: National Lender)

Office Buildings

  • Office Building & Lot, Columbia, SC (Client: National Lender)
  • Office Duplex Building, Bentonville, AR (Client: Regional Bank)
  • Office Building, Clinton, SC (Client: Private Seller)
  • Office Condo, Tamarac, FL (Client: National Lender)
  • Office Condo, Miami, FL (Client: National Lender)
  • Office Building, Dadeville, AL (Client: Regional Bank)
  • Office Building, Union City, GA (Client: National Lender)
  • Office Building, Foreclosure Auction, Guntersville, AL (Client: National Bank)
  • Medical Office Complex, Augusta, GA (Client: U.S. Small Business Administration)

Industrial Property

  • Industrial Buildings on 10.5+/- Acres, Daviston, AL (Client: Regional Bank)
  • Industrial Building (52,900+/- SF) on 7.2+/- Acres, Piedmont, AL (Client: Regional Bank)
  • Industrial Buildings on 19.49+/- Acres, Roanoke, AL (Client: Regional Bank)
  • Industrial Building on 5+/- Acres (25,840+/- SF), Augusta, GA (Client: Private Seller)
  • 4 Industrial Buildings (Totaling 36,000+/- SF), Birmingham, AL (Client: Regional Bank)
  • Industrial Building (13,000+/- SF) on 4+/- Acres, Foreclosure Auction, Augusta, GA (Client: National Bank)
  • Warehouse Building with Office Space (12,000+/- SF), Charlotte, NC (Client: Private Seller)
  • Former Manufacturing Building (78,000+/- SF), Nichols, SC (Client: Court-Appointed Receiver)
  • Former Manufacturing Building (363,288+/- SF), Duncan, SC (Client: National Servicer)
  • Former Manufacturing Building (113,000 SF), Russellville, AL (Client: Regional Bank)


  • 3BR/2BA Home and Personal Property, Stockbridge, GA (Client: Estate of John J. Franzen)
  • Various Residential Lots, Metro Jackson Area, MS (Client: Regional Bank)
  • 33 Residential Lots of Hunters Chase Subdivision, Eatonton, GA (Client: Regional Bank)
  • 9 Subdivision Lot of Woodland Farm Estates, Little Rock, AR (Client: Regional Bank)
  • 3.72+/- Residential Acres with Indian River Frontage, Edgewater, FL (Client: Private Seller/Trust)
  • 76 Duplex Development Lots, New Smyrna Beach, FL (Client: Regional Bank)
  • Residential Lots and Development Land, Bentonville, AR (Client: Regional Bank)
  • Residential Lots at Lake Greenwood, Chappells, SC (Client: Private Seller)
  • Ocean Front Home, Gulf Shores, AL (Client: U.S. Marshal Service)
  • Prestigious Home in Ford Plantation, Richmond Hill, GA (Client: U.S. Bankruptcy Court)
  • Single Family Homes in New Development, Beaufort, SC (Client: Private Seller)
  • Single Family Homes in New Development, Summerville, SC (Client: Private Seller)
  • I'ON at Montrose Burrough Residential Lots, Mt. Pleasant, SC (Client: Developer)
  • 16 Rental/Investment Houses, Carbondale, IL (Client: Private Seller)
  • 3BR/2.5BA All-Brick Home, Carrollton, GA (Client: Private Seller)
  • 6BR/3.5 BA Home on Ski Lake, Villa Rica, GA (Client: Private Seller)
  • 4BR/4BA All-Brick Home, Montgomery, AL (Client: U.S. Marshal Service)


  • 16.66+/- Acres zoned B-2, Calera, AL (Client: Regional Bank)
  • 8.85+/- Commercial Acres with Dual Zoning, Olive Branch, MS (Client: Regional Bank)
  • 258.7+/- Acres, Cabot, AR (Client: Regional Bank)
  • 34+/- Residential Acres, Oakland, TN (Client: Regional Bank)
  • 40.21+/- Acres Zoned R-1, Bentonville, AR (Client: Regional Bank)
  • 142+/- Open Acres, Scarborough Estate, Cochran, GA (Client: Private Seller)
  • 24 Building Lots, Rockmart, GA (Client: U.S. Bankruptcy Court)
  • 21 Building Lots, Gaffney, SC (Client: Private Seller)
  • 11.69+/- Acres Commercial Development, Woodstock, GA (Client: Private Seller)
  • 60+/- Acre Farm, Cross Hill, SC (Client: Private Seller)
  • 1.29+/- Acre Residential Lot, Lake Martin, AL (Client: U.S. Bankruptcy Court)
  • 926+/- Timberland Acres, Clio & Abbeville, AL (Client: Private Seller)
  • 63+/- Lakefront Property on Lake Murray, Lexington, SC (Client: Partnership Dissolvement)
  • 325+/- Farm Acres, Colley Estate, Chambers County, AL (Client: Private Seller)
  • 112+/- Crop Acres, Williamsburg County, SC (Client: Private Seller)
  • 173.75+/- Timberland Acres, Laurens County, SC (Client: Private Seller)
  • 222.5+/- Crop Acres, E.L. Perry Estate, Appling County, GA (Client: Private Seller)
  • 94+/- Timberland Acres, Laurens, SC (Client: Private Seller)

Other Properties

  • 13+/- Acre Equestrian Facility, Johns Creek, GA (Client: U.S. Bankruptcy Court)
  • Bank Portfolio of 10 Mixed-Use Properties, Northeast GA (Client: Local Bank)
  • Bank Portfolio of 14 Mixed-Use Properties including Loss-Share, Northeast GA (Client: Local Bank)
  • Former Cotton Gin, Ridge Springs, SC (Client: Regional Bank)
  • Leaseholder Interest of 2 Operating C-Stores, Morganfield & Henderson, KY (Client: National Servicer)
  • Multiple Auctions of Federally Seized Vehicles, Mobile & Montgomery, AL (Client: U.S. Marshal Service)
  • Lawn & Garden/Nursery Facility, Cleveland, TN (Client: Regional Bank)
  • Former Roller Rink & Arcade, Opelika, AL (Client: U.S. Bankruptcy Court)
  • Montgomery Motor Speedway, Montgomery, AL (Client: Regional Bank)